For us at Zeteli, each piece we create is a work of art that involves both millenary tradition and the unique expression of the artist who makes it.

The journey of each accessory starts from the first thread taken by the weaver to be slowly made into fabric. Then, it is placed on the waist loom to continue the process that transforms it into beautiful garment made by the hands of a woman.

It’s fascinating to watch how their fingers move as they count each strand and intertwine thread after thread. In this way, the different colors contrast and begin to form the beautiful figures that can be seen in any of our accessories. This is the first part of the journey. Then, it continues by joining the leather with the fabric, which is carried out delicately to safeguard the details of the final product, because we like to be thorough with the stories we tell.

That is why, it is very valuable for us, that all the textiles we use are made by hand, each with the individual care and attention that make our pieces exclusive.