Ethical Fashion

How do we produce a positive social impact through ethical fashion? 

It is necessary to create dignifies jobs in Guatemala, so we work with organizations that promote the country's Mayan textile culture and the preservation of this heritage through the generation of employment for women and men in communities with economic disadvantages.

These fabrics are unique to the communities and the hands that make them. Fair trade recognizes the work of each artisan contributing to the development of their communities.

At Zeteli we decided to obtain our textile materials through organizations that promote fair trade. Through this alliance we ensure a fair price is payed for each woven piece. It also helps further organizations that, in addition to recognizing the work of each individual, promote the integral development of communities through training and education regarding social issues such as the environment, gender equality, politics and local democracy.

Every person who purchases a Zeteli accessory is making a purchase with a purpose that contributes to small communities in a developing country.