About Zeteli

We design exclusive accessories, full of art, stories and color, producing a positive impact through the creation of opportunities and supporting education.

Mayan culture

An ancient civilization that occupied much of what is now Guatemala.

Our Textiles

Each piece we create is a work of art that involves both ancient tradition and the unique expression of the artist who creates it”. Mayan textiles, known as huipiles, are woven using a backstrap loom and since time immemorial, this art form has been inherited from generation to generation. For women weavers, the loom isn’t only a work tool, but an indivisible part of their identity.


The journey of each accessory begins with the first thread picked up by the artist to be weaved little by little.

Support for Education

At Zeteli, we recognize the need to create opportunities for children.

Ethical Fashion

We are committed to the creation of opportunities. That’s why we make sure each of our accessories is made under this principle.

The power of your purchase

To Zeteli, people always come first, that means taking into account the numerous workers behind each of our accessories; supporting the creation of sustainable and decent paid jobs, while keeping alive an ancient Mayan tradition.

But we know that we need more to make a real change, and that is why every accessory sold will sponsor education for a child in need.

With every accessory YOU WILL CHANGE A LIFE.

So, join our movement to look good, do good and feel good.